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Those first few weeks after your child is born are life changing. 

It's as if your whole world has opened up and you've discovered that life wasn't as bright or colorful before your baby entered the world.

We want to capture what you're feeling. We suggest adding mother, father and siblings to your session We want to document the looks exchanged between mother, father and baby. Those are moments so precious that you can't even describe them with the letters of the alphabet. .

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we contend that a picture is worth far more. A picture captures impalpable essence. In addition to snapping some photographs of you and dad with baby, our newborn sessions also include a series a photographs taken of just your newborn. For example, we like to get details of wee little feet, a tiny hand clasped around dad's finger, that button nose and tuft of fluffy hair. In addition to the details, we will also photograph your newborn resting peacefully. Perhaps in a cozy, comfortable nook or on top of the blanket he'll sleep with for years to come. The camera knows no bounds.

Now, we know you're going to be exhausted after all that pushing. The best part about a newborn session, though, is the fact that you don't have to do anything but show up! We have a collection of bowls, baskets, blankets, knit hats and headbands that we’ll be using during the session. You are also, of course, welcome to use any of your own props!


We recommend that you schedule your newborn session prior to your baby’s birth to ensure a spot on our calendar. Newborn sessions need to be scheduled within the first 14 days of life, however the best time is between 4-12 days after their arrival 

We’ll be moving them around and scrunching them into those sweet sleepy newborn images, so we want to make sure they’re sleepy enough to allow us handle them Somewhere around day 8 they discover the joy that is stretching! 

Most of the images we will be shooting work best if the baby is in a deep sleep. To encourage this, we recommend that you do whatever it takes to make sure baby is nice and exhausted! A well fed baby is a happy baby! Please feed and burp baby right before our session to ensure a happy, sleepy baby. We will also be more than happy to take as many breaks as needed to help him/her re-fuel It’s touch work being a model!


The special applies to the session fee which covers wardrobe use (we have over 30 different gowns you can available that you can choose from), professional photographer, studio time and professional retouching of all the images.. 

Please note that digital images and prints are not included inn the special and are a separate purchase.

After the shoot, we edit images and create a gallery of at least 30 images, for you to select and create your ideal image collection order for digitals and prints. We specialize in providing custom solutions working with your preferences (such as designer canvas wall art, custom prints, albums etc.) 



**NO REFUNDS for any unused portion of package

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Newborn photos

Bailey Yandell on 26th May 2021

We are completely satisfied with the service we received! The photographer was very professional and took very good care of my little girl while taking pictures! She made she sure she was happy, comfortable and content!

Newborn Photography

Heather on 13th Jan 2020

Kate the photographer was amazing! She took so much time with our 3 week old. She was so patient and so sweet. We really enjoyed working with her and getting to know her! I can't wait to see our photos! She is beyond talented in shooting!! We had 5 sets of pictures/scenes! We will be back many more times!!! Thank you so much!!!